Zver – The Beast

Zver – The Beast

There’s Vodka all over the place in Russia. But that does not mean that there’s no need for a newbie every once in a while; this even applies to the products of the honorable Ladoga Distillery of Saint Petersburg. Since 2013, Zver Vodka is being produced and distributed here. In the meantime, this product has won several awards. We’re going to take a look at what ‘The Beast’ is capable of.



We’re not here to lie to you about the fact that we have a certain favor for Ladoga products, and it’s no different with this particular one of its representatives that you will not see in Germany very often, if at all. The modern aluminum bottle (don’t we know that from somewhere?) can be grounds for opposing opinions, but all in all, the beast leaves a nice enough first impression.


Flavor wise, Zver is to be categorized as a modern and harmonic wheat Vodka that stands out in  quality. It can be consumed in cocktails as well as from a shot glass. Due to current circumstances, the price level may be a little tricky to determine, but it may be assumed that you get very good quality at very affordable prices here. If you get the opportunity and you like wheat Vodka, you should help yourself here with no second thoughts. We give this one 4 stars because of the good value for money and the high quality.