Xellent – The Big Plus

Xellent – The Big Plus

The Swiss don’t have an easy job these days when it comes to grocery production. If something is supposed to succeed even outside of the confederate borders, it can hardly be the price that does it. That’s why it needs to be excellent. And because the Swiss prefer it clear and edgy – Xellent.


Lots of Character

The home of Xellent is in Willisau near DIWISA, a distillery with almost a hundred years of tradition. In the canton Luzern, ‘high quality Swiss rye of the Picasso and Matador kind and clear glacier water from the Titlis’ are used to create Xellent. The finished product is filled into a fancy, ruby red bottle whose design we appreciate.


Xellent’s mission is already pretty clear if you look at the name. The content leaves no doubt either. Since the base is rye, a lot of lustiness and realness awaits you in the glass, so if you’re looking to mix you shouldn’t cover that up with too much sugar. You can also enjoy Xellent beautifully neat. Our conclusion is that this is a very high quality Vodka with a pretty proud price tag. You’ll get authenticity and lusty flavor for your money. If you’re only after a Vodka for mixing and you’re not really an enthusiast, you should look elsewhere – because for that, around 50 Euros is just too much.