Winter Palace – To The Glacier!

Winter Palace – To The Glacier!

It’s really not easy to stand out from the crowd if you’re a Russian Vodka manufacturer. More and more producers try to establish themselves by adding particular flavors or having a certain degree of sophistication. In this department, today’s test candidate Winter Palace is something special, since it tries to take the road less traveled.


Glacier Water

Depending on whether you make the alcohol for Vodka yourself or buy it from an industrial company and then refine it afterwards, you can’t really be that different from your competitors when it comes to this basic ingredient. And thus the water that the alcohol is mixed with has a substantial influence on the taste. And this is supposedly Winter Palace’s trump: glacier water from the Elbrus mountain is used to make it. The exterior contributes its part to underline the clarity and purity of this product.

Ice Cold Solidarity

It’s Winter Palace’s mission to be somewhere between Absolut and Grey Goose. That sounds good but it covers a wide range of the product spectrum. In other words, Winter Palace wants to offer an elevated flavor experience without having a price tag that’s through the roof. This honorable approach is essentially fulfilled as well. We’re dealing with a particularly mild Vodka that should be used preferably for cocktails. Since the price for this good quality product is fairly reasonable, want to be equally mild and give this nice spirit 4 stars.