White Birch – Fire up the Stove!

White Birch – Fire up the Stove!

People don’t mix Vodka in Russia. They’d rather have it neat. This circumstance may lead to many distilleries experimenting with different flavor profiles in order to make the experience somewhat more versatile and interesting. This is also valid for today’s test candidate, White Birch Wodka.


That Thing About Perspective

As far as the design of the bottle is concerned, there is no doubt here that this is a real Russian. The extensive ornaments is completed by a picture of a village toward the bottom that is visible from both sides of the bottle. That is very pretty, if it may seem a little outdated altogether. White Birch is distilled in Omsk, five times, and uses the best wheat for a base.

Clear and Warming

The quality of the content is clearly above average. If you consider that you can acquire a 0.7 liter bottle of White Birch for around 15 Euros, you have to say that that’s a very good investment indeed. The outstanding mildness and clarity definitely suggests for this Vodka to be enjoyed neat. If you would like to mix it, we recommend it as a base for something along the lines of Vodka Soda Lime. Don’t add too much sugar! We wish you a good time and lots of warming moments.