Vodka Stravinsky – ItaloRussian

Vodka Stravinsky – ItaloRussian

Italy definitely is not among the typical Vodka countries. And yet the people from Northern and Middle Europe can’t help but wonder what might be produced beyond the distiller. In today’s test, it’s literally distilled: How will ‘Stravinsky‘ Vodka do today?



Stravinsky is made by the ItalCoral company, which has been producing all kinds of liquor near Rome since 1951. If you pay a visit to an Italian supermarket these days, you may only find a limited selection of Vodka, but Stravinsky will most certainly be among them. What strikes the eye initially is the rather humble design and the very affordable price, which is pleasing on one hand, but makes you hesitate on the other.

Fusel or Good Stuff?

But there is little to be worried about. The bottle contains a very neutral and clear Vodka that may well not blow your mind, but will do its job alright. Excellence looks different, but Stravinsky keeps its exterior’s promise. No need to be ashamed or apologize for anything. A little tip: If you put this Vodka in the freezer and leave it there for a while, it will begin to freeze. The bottle should not burst, however, because it contains too much alcohol for that. The result will then be a sort of ‘clear Vodka sorbet’, which in the heat of Italian weather can be quite interesting if you mix it into a cocktail.