Vodka Mernaya – Little Milk Spirit

Vodka Mernaya – Little Milk Spirit

Basically, making Vodka is simple: Take some decent grains, distill and filter it neatly, and don’t lose your focus on achieving harmony and mildness. Then you should pack all that up nicely and appealingly, and sell it at a halfway appropriate price. Let’s take a look at how much the Ukrainian Vodka ‘Mernaya’ corresponds with these principles.


From the Krim

Mernaya is made on the Krim. Very traditionally, the base for this spirit is wheat. The process stands out by its use of a particular milk purification procedure like we know it from Parliament Vodka over here. Mernaya is rather comparable with said spirit in many aspects – it is, however, not packaged as nicely and you don’t see it around as much.

Good Value for Money

Mernaya has plenty to offer, though, when it comes to flavor. It’s a very uncomplicated and harmonic Vodka that can be enjoyed neat or in a cocktail. It can often be acquires for under 10 Euros, which is why we would call it an insider tip in the world of Vodka. So if you’re after a Vodka for a party or for mixing, give this one a try and be happy about the fair price tag. If you are, however, looking for the one big exquisite flavor experience, you’ll need to keep looking and gather some more information on oth4er products.