Tundra – Fresh Classic

Tundra – Fresh Classic

The Tundra is a cold steppe mainly in the far North of the world. Inevitably, this makes us think of Russia and other countries of the Vodka Belt. It’s no surprise, of course, that the roughness and purity of this landscape inspires Vodka producers. And so we were able to find today’s test candidate in a supermarket shelf in Germany.


Pretty Exterior

The first thing you notice about Tundra is the very minimal but nice shape of the bottle. The moose  logo makes us think of places far away, and the clear content is already a step in the right direction. The Russian is produced by the Tatspirtprom distillery that we already know and love, and imported by Oil Osteuropa Gmbh in Nürnberg.

Decent Vodka

Like so many other Russian Vodkas, this one is ‘refined’ by additives (in this case, the additive is the ‘medical plant’ Rosenwurz). This is good for the quality of the content, though. For prices of around 12 Euros, you get a decent wheat Vodka (from ‘alpha wheat’) that does indeed convince us with its mild, round character. If you feel like it, you can help yourself to this Vodka with no worries, even if there are certainly more spectacular representatives in the Vodka universe. Tundra is a wonderful Vodka to be enjoyed either as a shot or as a cocktail base.