Tatra Vodka – Poland is not lost yet

Tatra Vodka – Poland is not lost yet

Ha, the Tatra Mountains! What a beautiful mountain range! A small part of it is on Polish ground, while the majority is in Slovakia. Reason enough, nonetheless, for the Polish to name a Vodka after these mountains, which we will take a closer look at in our test.


Classic Exterior

Half a liter of Tatra Vodka normally costs around 15 Euros. You won’t find it outside of Poland very often, yet we were lucky and acquired a bottle in Strasbourg. Your money buys you a very traditional looking bottle that almost comes across conservative. And if you don’t speak Polish you will have some difficulties to learn more about the content.

Classic Interior

Inside of the bottle is a very classic Polish rye Vodka that’s a little rougher than Wyborowa  and the like. Other than that, there is not much to report. This Vodka is a solid representative of its kind and can be mixed as well as enjoyed neat. The only problem is that there are several other products in the Vodka universe that offer more mildness and harmony, or even character, at the same price. No question: Tatra is alright as it is. But that’s the end of it.