Saaga Vodka – A Long Story

Saaga Vodka – A Long Story

When it comes to Vodka, Estonians have a lot of stories to tell. The proximity to Russia and to Poland suggest that there is a lot of potential here in the department of our favorite spirit. And indeed, one of our excursion did not disappoint. Today, the saga is passed on with Saaga Vodka from Tallinn.


Why Would You Read so Much…

Saaga is different as in there is a rather entertaining story to be read on the nice looking cloudy glass bottle – one that’s apparently supposed to document the origins of Estonian Vodka tradition. By the way, those go back to the year 1763. The story, that doesn’t take itself all too seriously, provides short-term entertainment but did not keep us from moving on to what really matters.

We’d Much Rather Drink…

In the bottle, as was to be expected, we find a harmonic and pleasant wheat Vodka. Taste wise it’s not overly full of character, but alright in quality. It should, however, be used for cocktails, even though you can also consume it neat. What this Vodka has going for it are its unconventional and fresh ways and solid quality for a fair price. If you don’t always need Smirnoff or Absolut, feel free to give this nice Estonian the chance it deserves.