Rutte Organic – Organic Dutchman

Rutte Organic – Organic Dutchman

Organic Vodka is a trend. But it’s not only in Germany that producers specialize in it. Lots of products can, for instance, be discovered in the Netherlands. And one of the distilleries there is the Rutte distillery that was founded in 1872 and uses a ‘secret’ family recipe to make its Vodka that we will put through a more thorough test.


“Hand Made” in the Netherlands

Rutte has a heightened quality standard when it comes to Vodka. Like many Dutch producers, this distillery is not specialized in Vodka, but has been making its own Vodka for quite some time. The fancy spirit that’s distilled five times is made from organic grains and presented in a pretty bottle that, however, reminds us of Schnapps and other liquor rather than Vodka. It’s clearly quality over lifestyle with this one – which promises quite a bit for the content.

Good Compromise Between Character and Mildness

And the recipe of natural ingredients, without artificial additives or sugar, works marvelously. There are only few Vodkas that manage to create a an interesting compromise between character and sweetness, but luckily Rutte is one of them. We like that a lot. Rutte makes Vodka for higher demands that still remains within a reasonable price range. That’s why we’re giving four stars with complete conviction. It was not enough for five because we’re missing a hint of sophistication and elegance in the taste. But if you want a real good Vodka for a beautiful evening, you will not go wrong with this one.