Roberto Cavalli – La grande belleza

Roberto Cavalli – La grande belleza

Vodka made in Italy. And on top of that, even most importantly, really pretty. It makes you a little skeptical at first when fashion designers give away their names for alcoholic beverages – is this really going to work? TO find the answer to this question is not even all that easy, because the world of luxury is never affordable. We’re going to take a look at what Roberto Cavalli Vodka is capable of.


Very Pretty Design

It comes as no surprise that Cavalli is very pretty and typically Italian looking. The bottle made from cloudy glass and the golden cap that seems very fancy make you feel good when you hold this noble spirit in your hands. There’s no compromises here.

Great Content

And much to the pleasure of the tester, that also applies to the content. The great Italian wheat from the lowlands of Po is skillfully distilled and staged. The result is very round and harmonic. Roberto Cavalli is almost too good to be covered up by other juices in a cocktail. The only deficit, after all, remains with the very high price. It will be hard to find this bottle anywhere for less then 40 Euros. And that is IF you even get a chance to get it anywhere. It’s a pity, but the good thing in life will always cost you.