Puriste Vodka – High Proof Alpine Water

Puriste Vodka – High Proof Alpine Water

When it comes to Vodka, Austria has more to offer than some may realize. The long tradition of distillation in this country leaves traces even in our favorite spirit section, especially in the premium area. Puriste Vodka, created by Alois Kracher and Leo Hillinger, has been establishing itself for several years. Its main target is the hospitality industry. We tested what Puriste is capable of.

Minimalist Design

In our opinion, the best thing about Puriste is the design of the bottle. We’re looking at minimalism at its best that unmistakably conveys the brand’s sophistication and purity. That’s a pleaser, fits perfectly, and also justifies the price tag of around 40 Euros.

Wanderer Between the Worlds

Flavor wise, there is no doubt that the ingredients are high quality. And yet the Vodka, which is distilled six times, just can’t decide for sure what its mission is. Does it just want to be really mild or maybe show some character after all? Nobody really knows, and the flavor profile leads us in two different directions. For that reason, we recommend Puriste as a luxurious spirit for a cocktail rather than as a shot. And that is also why Puriste only gets 4out of 5 possible stars. This Vodka is good, but not perfectly rounded.