Poliakov Vodka – The One from the Rice Board

Poliakov Vodka – The One from the Rice Board

There are obvious and hidden Superpowers in Vodka. On one hand, there are Russia and Poland; everybody associates those countries with Vodka. But then, there are countries like Germany or the USA, where a lot of Vodka is made even though you would not expect it right away. France, which particularly has a lot of luxury Vodkas, also belongs to this latter group of countries. Today’s test candidate Poliakov is French as well, if rather in the department of the more profane representatives.



Poliakov is the result of the process at the beginning of which there’s a big spirit company’s decision to create a popular Vodka. More in detail, we’re talking about the corporation “La Martiniquaise” that’s been around since 1936 and is France’s second largest after Pernod Ricard. Poliakov was created in order to do something about the “absolute” dominance of the latter company in the Vodka sector. At the moment, this Vodka is France’s best selling Vodka, as well as one of the fastest growing international brands, and according to the manufacturer, ranked number 15 in the world.

Clear Goal

The goal of the mission is clear: Clear Vodka for a decent price. The design and the branding are reduced to the essentials, which is why when in the store, you might be enticed to grab another bottle instead. But it’s rare that you will find such balance at this price. The basic ingredients here are wheat, barley, and rye, which are triple distilled. This really does make Poliakov very popular and neutral in taste – unfortunately, though, also slightly unspectacular. For that reason, we remain with the three given stars. If you don’t want to do anything wrong, however, you may help yourself to this one.