Partisan – GermanBeloRussian

Partisan – GermanBeloRussian

We will never grow tired of emphasizing that the greatest thing about Vodka is its mere, unbelievable variety. More and more producers and brands join the market all the time. We accidentally came across today’s test candidate in a late night shop in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Partisan Vodka has its German base in Erfurt.


Mysterious Fellow

Partisan calls itself Vodka from Belarus. Our research, however, was unable to verify that, even with the help of native Belorussians. And yet the nice website claims that this Vodka is made in Belarus, which we’ll just believe (there is video evidence here). Other than that, Partisan pleases with a very reduced but pretty exterior. Everything is kept very simple without seeming cheap, which in the face of a price of around 10 Euros is quite fair.

Very Neutral and Harmonic, but not First League

And yet, the true values are the inner values. And initially, there are only good ones with Partisan: This is a harmonic and soft Vodka just like the manufacturer claims. The connoisseur will put it in the box of typical wheat Vodkas immediately. We recommend it as a shot as well as in cocktails in the scope of a laid back party. The biggest compliment we can pay Partisan is that it’s probably the best option at the late night shop. This also applies particularly for the creative “CTO Grams“. Yes, you can like it – and we do. But its way to the top of the Vodka universe is still long, considering the strong competition. In the department of standard Vodkas, Partisan stands out with its extraordinary exterior and its decent flavor. But there is room for much more…



Note: This post was updated with material from the producer on 8/21/2015.