Over Black – The Southern Italian

Over Black – The Southern Italian

Deep in the South of Italy, there are many strange things happening. For example, in Matera, far South of Naples, Lucano 1894 S.R.L. makes lots of spirits. Despite the company’s statements on their website, it’s not only Amaro, Sambuca, and Limoncello that can be found here, but also a Vodka called ‘Over Black’ that is practically non-existent in Germany.


Nice Exterior

You need to look through Italian supermarket shelves for a while before you’ll find it. There’s a nice but very minimalist looking bottle hiding somewhere that invites you to enjoy it in both English and Italian on the back label. Overall, its exterior reminds us more of a good liquor rather than Vodka. Prices are somewhere between 10 and 15 Euros. So why not?

Decent Content

Despite the non-existent information on this Vodka (at least online), which is actually almost kinda nice in this digital age, we determine in the test: Over Black is a decent wheat Vodka that can be used for shots or cocktails as announced. It’s not overly harmonic and rather underlines the typical flavor of Vodka. At the end of the day, we’re dealing with a rarity from a small production that enriches the Vodka universe without necessarily completing it. In other words: You can do it if you have an opportunity.