Norvegia Vodka – Potato Spirit from the Arctic Circle

Norvegia Vodka – Potato Spirit from the Arctic Circle

Scandinavians have a very strange relationship to alcohol. On one hand, fancy spirits in Norway, Sweden and Finland are way more expensive than in the rest of Europe. But on the other, there are plenty of producers who make interesting and oftentimes great products. Today, however, we’re going to take a look at an alternative for the big brands – Norvegia Vodka.



As much as the Germans long for order, the Scandinavians strive for purism. As usual, that begins with the design, as we can see with the Norvegia bottle. Clear lines, no ornaments, well balanced proportions. This approach is continued with the use of glacier water and fivefold distillation. Remarkable: Even though Norvegia appears high class, 10 Euros for a half liter is a fair price.

Character, but not Unconditionally

The myth that Vodka is mainly made from potatoes is pretty persistent. In fact, however, the alcohol for most Vodkas is not potato based; these are really mostly selected premium products. The potato brings a certain sweetness with it, which is not as strong as with corn based Vodkas, but still forces us to toy with the interpretation of the topic ‘Vodka’. Norvegia doesn’t hide the character of the alcohol, but it tries to neutralize it with very smooth water. Thus, this Vodka is almost more interesting to drink neat than in a cocktail. Altogether, Norvegia is a very individual Vodka that entices one to taste it.