New Amsterdam – That’s Going to be a Long Night

New Amsterdam – That’s Going to be a Long Night

A good Vodka needs a good story. And more often than not, that begins with the name. For instance, famous people or cities can be starting points for great content. And it’s the latter that today’s test candidate New Amsterdam attempts to do. The brand that’s already very successful in the USA now takes the leap into Germany and thus sparks our curiosity.


Party Party!

The innuendo towards New Amsterdam really aims to target the metropolis of New York City. The Vodka is supposed to take on the city’s party feel and make it enjoyable. We like that approach, that is outlined well by the bottle’s design with skyscrapers in the background. Altogether, the exterior is without frills and pretty chic. The price tag of this Vodka of 10-15 Euros is also in the scope of good taste.

A Lot of Character

New Amsterdam has a tight bond with the world famous and world’s largest California vineyard Gallo and is imported into Germany by Mack & Schühle. And you can tell that there’s a big corporation in the background when you taste the content of this bottle. This is a very round and well thought out Vodka. It has more character than you would expect from a Vodka that clearly targets the masses. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though, but underlines its American origin. And so you can see it as the opposite of Smirnoff, which is very neutral and almost disappears in a cocktail. This is a Vodka that you can see yourself with for a nice long evening with friends. What we’re missing at the end of the day is a little more elegance and independence. Especially if you’re looking for the latter, you’ll need to close the deal in a higher category. But if you need a Vodka for a long night, you can close it on this one!




Note: The Gourmet Connection GmbH was so kind as to provide the tested bottle for our tasting. Thank you very much!