Landwirth’s Vodka – Wheat Korn

Landwirth’s Vodka – Wheat Korn

Yes, they do exist. These moments in life when you walk into a late night shop in Berlin to grab something to drink real quick. And on the weekend, chances are it’s something alcoholic we’re talking about, it may even be Vodka. And because the Berlin people are notoriously broke and like it quick and uncomplicated as a principle, Landwirth’s Vodka can happen to make the cut.

Short & Tight

The only reason why this very simple representative of the realm of Vodka would make the cut is initially the very affordable price. It’ll hardly be the design of the bottle, which rather reminds us of Korn – like the name as well. On top of that, the size of said bottle will also stand out positively in such a typical acquisition situation.

Just Mix it

There is nothing spectacular to report about the taste of the country man. The 37.5% alcohol (which is clearly the main event here) should best be mixed. The rest is really not worth mentioning. It doesn’t have to be, though, because this is really not about big flavors – it’s about having a drink in the bottle, or rather, in your glass. If that’s enough for you, Landwirth’s will do its duty.