Kremlin Award Vodka – From Up High

Kremlin Award Vodka – From Up High

In Russia, Vodka is a very important matter. It’s an alleged 18 liters per head that are being consumed each year. The first time I came across today’s test candidate Award Grand Premium Vodka was on trip to Tallinn.


Order from Up High

Kremlin Award Vodka is supposedly made by the very well known Moscow distillery “Kristall”, which has to offer several classics of good taste in its repertoire. On top of that, this Vodka is supposed to be one of the official Kremlin brands. Since there are multiple brands that make that claim, our ability to provide help with the amount of truth in this statement is limited. However, the very ‘official’ design and the absolute premium claim leave no doubt that this is something very special.

Very Good Quality, but Room for Improvement

The content of the bottle is, as expected, a typical Russian, very smooth wheat Vodka. The price of around 40 Euros had us hope for a little more finesse and dignity. We don’t mean to say that this Vodka could not possibly rise to the Major League of good taste in the Vodka universe, but it probably won’t make it all the way to the top. At the end of the day, Kremlin Award Grand Premium Vodka seems to go a little over the top with its appearance, the all in all package is not quite well rounded. If you’re going to spend that much money on Vodka, you just have too many other and better alternatives these days.