Khlebnaya Deluxe – It’s all about the content

Khlebnaya Deluxe – It’s all about the content

Another import from the Tatspirtprom distillery in Kasan is being put to the test today. We have already tested several Vodkas from this distillery, all of which stand out because of their great value for money. Specifically, today’s test is on “Khlebnaya Deluxe”, which was even awarded “Gold” at the International Spirits Contest 2013.Khlebnaya_3

Packaged Very Conservatively

Vodka is a lifestyle product. Hence the presentation and the story behind the product is oftentimes more important than the actual product. At least, this can be the case for brands with high commercial, but low qualitative demand. Khlebnaya Deluxe is refreshing in this respect as it seems to be the other way around. The bottle has a touch of the 1950’s and is all in all kept very simple.

The Flavor is an Insider Tip

You should not judge this Vodka by its exterior and its moderate pricing of under 10 Euros for a half liter bottle. Inside the bottle there’s a decent wheat Vodka that does not need to hide behind anything. Sure – there are more harmonic distillates and ones with more interesting characters, and this one won’t make it into the Major League. But if you need an affordable Vodka for a nice evening, you may help yourself here with no worries. It’s easy to spend more money and get less Vodka than you will with this one.Khlebnaya_1