Iceberg Vodka – Cold Canada

Iceberg Vodka – Cold Canada

The State in the far North of America is home to several well known brands of Vodka. The most famous one probably being the polarizing Crystal Head Vodka, which we have already tested. But the other day at a gas station in Luxembourg we came across another representative that we’d like to introduce today: Iceberg Vodka.


All Dressed in White …

… is how she went home with me. If such words remind you of a popular Schlager song, you’re not too far off. However Iceberg Vodka’s exterior is not meant to remind you of an amazing relationship or a Christian sacrament but much rather of its home in the far North. This Vodka’s special feature is the water used for its making – it’s 12,000 years old and supposedly comes directly from the Arctic.

True North American

Typically, each region has its respective basic ingredient used for Vodka. In North America that’s corn and not wheat. Thus, the alcohol for Vodka like Iceberg is often also made from corn, which makes those Vodkas slightly sweeter than wheat Vodkas and not as dry as the ones with rye as a base. Iceberg Vodka is hence relatively sweet while still being mild and clear. We like the bottle’s design and the content but do not think the product should cost more than 20 Euros. If you can handle the price, feel free to help yourself to a special treat here.