Hot Feeling – Hot Stuff

Hot Feeling – Hot Stuff

We are indeed used to strange things when it comes to Vodka here at the Vodka blog. But a ‘penis chili’ in a Vodka bottle is just a little out of the extended ordinary. “Hot Feeling” Vodka gives us just that, and we will put it to the test today.


Not to be Taken Seriously

This strange drink comes from Bonn in Germany. We take the freedom to quote: ‘The penis chili is an extravagant, flavorful product of nature with the potential to become cult, and is only used in our Vodka Edition Hot Feeling.’ You don’t say. This ‘thing’ was also bred especially for this wondrous Vodka. What else is in the bottle? Vodka from the spirit and liqueur factory Meisner.

Hot, Hot!

However, there is the question whether that really means anything. Because the chili, whether it’s shaped like a phallus or not, definitely does not fail at its effect on the flavor. If you store this good stuff for a while (meaning the longer you store it, the more this applies), there will be a spiciness there that will prove a challenge even for lovers of strongly seasoned food and drinks. Enjoyed neatly, this Vodka is a real dare. There’s no doubt that we could come up with some very interesting games for cocktails here. But at the end of the day we cannot help but determine that this product is a little too blunt in its overall design to be registered in the world of the really special Vodkas. This is a gag that may well work for certain people in certain situations. It’s no more than that – but no less, either.