Hooghoudt Vodka – Dutch Bulk Stock

Hooghoudt Vodka – Dutch Bulk Stock

The Dutch are honest people; and they produce spirits accordingly. Hooghoudt Vodka is made by the distillery with the same name. Its home is in the Northern Netherlands and it was founded in 1888 in Groningen before it relocated to an industrial complex in Euvelgunne.


Exterior With No Frills

1-liter bottles are becoming ever more scarce when it comes to spirits. This amount, as well as the use of French winter wheat and the distillation to 37.5% alcohol all point in the same direction: Hooghoudt Vodka does not need to be special at all cost – but rather an honest Vodka at an attractive price. This is not about a ton of character or about getting all the attention, but simply about making a decent Vodka for a decent party. That may be too simple for some. But sometimes, it’s exactly what you’re looking for on the liquor store shelf.

Honest Content

And the content corresponds with our expectation. This Vodka is intended to be used for mixing on a fun Saturday night. It’s kept very neutral and even has added flavoring (see picture) in order to make it even milder. Based on its taste, bottle size, and price it’s a wonderful Vodka for mixing. Nothing spectacular, but it works.