Held – Berlin Veteran

Held – Berlin Veteran

Berlin, with it being a party (capital) city and the platform between Eastern and Western Europe, has a lot to offer when it comes to Vodka. But it’s not all imported stuff – no, this city has a lot of local items to offer as well. Held Vodka, which has its roots in the wild 20s – the year 1921, to be more precise – is probably one of the first ones to mention here.


A Little Bit of Peace

Since Vodka was already appreciated for its clarity and sincerity in the 20s, the Meisner family from upper Silesia began to produce and sell Held in a Berlin backyard. The turbulent course of the story, however, made the recipe disappear in a drawer again pretty soon until it was to be resurrected in Schleswig-Holstein after World War II. The brand was not brought back to life until 2005 though and is now a bridge between the modern party metropolis and the hopping nightlife of days gone by.

The Art of Firewater

The close connection between art and music are part of Held. Flavor wise, it’s influences by its basic ingredient, which is an unusual one for our realms – sugar beet mash, which we can find here and there in the Vodka universe. The slight sweetness that’s so typical for this basic ingredient, however, remains fairly neutral in the case of Held. This Vodka has more character than a wheat Vodka and could rather be compared to a rye Vodka. It can be recommended as a shot or in a cocktail. At that, it always stays down to earth and solid, which is also reflected in its reasonable pricing. A pleasant fellow all in all – just don’t expect anything really extraordinary from its flavor.