Hanácká Vodka – A Fairy Tale from the Czech Republic Foto: Karl-Ludwig Poggemann (quapan)

Hanácká Vodka – A Fairy Tale from the Czech Republic

Moravia is one of the three historical countries of the Czech Republic. And yes, they make Vodka there, too. Usually, you probably won’t find our test candidate Hanácká Vodka on a German supermarket shelf or in a bar in the DACH region; but that does not keep us from putting our critical palate to work.


Traditional on the Inside

According to the manufacturer’s website, Hanácká was the first brand Vodka of the region. The brand’s roots go all the way back to the 50’s. This clearly leaves its mark on the traditional exterior, which reminds us of other brands that also have their roots in the 50’s. Now you can like that or dislike it. For us, the approach is a little too classic.

Traditional on the Outside

So what are our findings in the glass? This is a very typical mild wheat Vodka. The neutrality in taste reminds us of Smirnoff. If you are looking for sophistication or character, you’re looking in vain here. But after all, that’s not a must. We can recommend the Czech limitlessly for neat enjoyment as a shot or in cocktails, even if the focus may be on the latter due to the Vodka’s mildness. It’s often like that with Vodkas of this kind: You can’t really go wrong buying them, but you can’t really go too right, either. We’re concluding a three point rating.