Grey Goose – Quite Excellent

Grey Goose – Quite Excellent

There is one thing they’re really good at, the French: Go all out and look good doing it. Why should that be any different with their Vodka? A large part of the (doubtful) world of luxury Vodka is in the hand of the Grande Nation. And it’s brands like Grey Goose that have – among some smart other purchases – mainly contributed to that.


French? Yes and No

Grey Goose may have been in production in France since 1997, however the brand belongs to the Bacardi corporation since 2006. It can mainly be found in an international context in chic bars and at airports, where the bottle’s nice design is more often than not used to underline the location’s high standard. This is where it sets itself apart from the typical big brands of Vodka and has factually been representing a new league since its introduction. The fact that there is quite a bit of experimenting in France when it comes to Vodka is often rewarded. This is surprising especially considering the fact that when it comes to wine, the French always choose a more classic approach.

Luxury Over Everything

The Grey Goose is made from French wheat. The spring water comes from the area of Gensac-la-Pallue and is filtered through champagne loam rocks. François Thibault, who is the creator of this specialty, is quoted on the producer’s website: “I did not want to eliminate any disharmony in flavor. I wanted for it not to even happen to begin with.” And indeed, we can’t but determine that Grey Goose is probably the most harmonic Vodka there is. Some may not like this and go look for more character. But despite all that and even in the face of the steep pricing, this Vodka dominates any possible doubt. Sip responsibly!


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