Grand Thomas – Tallinn for Takeout

Grand Thomas – Tallinn for Takeout

Estonia is an awesome country for discovering Vodka. We’ve already complimented the assets of Tallinn in our travel section. But even if unfortunately, we’re not able to go to Estonia all that much, we’re eagerly following new developments from afar – and do some testing whenever there’s something new around.


Modern Interpreted Heritage

Today’s test candidate Grand Thomas Vodka’s exterior already promises a combination of classic Vodka virtues and modern production methods. Supposedly, the roots of this fancy drink go all the way back to the middle ages. At first sight, this is very promising indeed. On top of all that, we can find this Vodka at attractive prices of under 15 Euros on supermarket shelves of our choice, which makes us help ourselves with no second thoughts.

Classic and Presented Attractively

And what we find in the glass is a decent wheat Vodka that can be freely recommended for shots and cocktails. Flavor wise, this Vodka stays in the background, but does not at all disappear completely and does not hide its presence too much. Altogether, we’re looking at a harmonic, if maybe not too spectacular, performance. If you’d been hoping for an outstanding Estonian character performance, you’ll be disappointed. But if you’re looking for a Vodka for the weekend or for a drink after work and don’t always want to grab the well known brands, you should give this a try. Especially because the story on the bottle is also quite entertaining …