Firestarter Vodka – The Fire Extinguisher

Firestarter Vodka – The Fire Extinguisher

There are several Vodkas that present themselves as gags. We’ve had Penis-Chilies and Scorpios, so why should there not be a handy fire extinguisher from Moldova? This device listens to the name ‘Firestarter Vodka’. It’s rather scarce in Germany but rather readily available in Austria, and for a good price at that. We tested for degrees of extinguishment.



When you see it sit in the corner you realize how this Vodka is supposed to function. Of course, the focus is on entertainment here and not on the content. Unfortunately, we have not been able to find out much on the origin and background of Firestarter Vodka. But what we can say is that those manufacturers have a great sense of humor – because dealing with the packaging is almost as much fun as drinking the content.


The content, however, does not have to hide behind anything at all. We’re looking at a very harmonic wheat Vodka that some would go so far as to call boring. But this harmonic touch clearly points toward the true purpose of this beverage: party with no regrets. And we recommend Firestarter Vodka for that with no limitations. If you can find a bottle for around or under 20 Euros, you should close the deal and you’ll be sure to make people laugh at the next gathering.