Fire & Water – Rammstein Vodka

Fire & Water – Rammstein Vodka

The music business is not what it used to be. You can’t create or maintain your rock star status with a recording any longer, and so you need smart marketing if you want to make ends meet. Some make t-shirts, others make Vodka. Since when it has been exactly that Rammstein has been having the Vodka “Fire & Water” produced is beyond our knowledge. But we know everything else of importance.


Simply Simple

The affectionate customer receives the bottle packaged nice and clean in an extensively ornate carton with metal effects. Other than that, the bottle’s design is very reduced and modern. There is another pleasant surprise when we learn that this good stuff is made and bottled in Berlin. We actually bought our specimen in a shop in Berlin and not in the online store.

Top Quality

Which brings us to inner values. Our test showed that Fire & Water is best enjoyed as a shot. This is a very clear and harmonic wheat Vodka that would surely play well in a cocktail, too, but it’s almost too good for that. And here’s the crux of the whole thing: a bottle is 40 Euros. This is why we stick with 4 stars – unfortunately, it’s a little too expensive for the 5th.