Chopin Vodka – Harmonic Artist

Chopin Vodka – Harmonic Artist

Frédéric François Chopin was a Polish composer, pianist, and piano teacher. And as Chopin Vodka demonstrates yet again, the rule applies – great people deserve decent Vodkas. This representative of the ultra premium category is available as rye, wheat, or potato Vodka. We’ve put the latter through a conscientious test.


Real Aesthetics

All Vodka is not the same. Chopin is produced by a small family operation in Poland. The producers apply the entire manufacturing process themselves, including alcohol production and refinement. This is not a given – especially in the ‘big business’ of Vodka making where the alcohol for Vodka is usually acquired from outside. There are only two ingredients, which kind of reminds us of the German purity law for beer: the base (in our case the potato, see the beginning of this post), hops, and water from an artesian well. Promising!

Full Bodied Vodka with Character

Chopin Vodka is a Vodka with flavor. This approach is being followed by more and more producers that want to stand out from the crowd and make something special. Of course, that comes with a price tag: The damage is between thirty and forty Euros. But your money will get you a real and exquisite Vodka that is best enjoyed neat or mixed into clear cocktails in order for it not to lose its own flavor. You should help yourself to this one if you’re looking for true drinking pleasure and a well created composition.