Chapelle Rouge – High Spirit Grape

Chapelle Rouge – High Spirit Grape

If there’s something the French know all about, it’s how to turn a consumer product into a cult product. The French celebrate pleasure, and have a lot to offer in the department of Vodka accordingly. However, one thing still applies here – for making good Vodka, they use the same basic ingredient that has its tradition in the country. And thus, many Vodkas in France are not made from wheat or ye, but from grapes.

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The Trick With he Grape

When you think of grape Vodka, you’ll think of the brand Ciroc initially, which has been on the market since 1993 and the distributor of which is the spirit giant Diageo. Chapelle Rouge, in contrast, has only just begun to target the German market. However, we should rather be calling this a charm attack, since the nicely shaped bottle is decorated with bright red writing. This is more about the nice thing in life than about showing off, which we like. No question; if the Red Riding Hood had had Vodka in the basket for Grandmother, it would have been Chapelle Rouge for sure.

High Quality and Very Distinct

And it’s done everything right. You have to like grape Vodka made from grapes, since those give it a very distinct flavor. But there’s no need to worry here, because Chapelle Rouge really tastes like the website says: ‘Mild, elegant, and yet full of personality.’ If you’re looking for individuality and harmony in balance, you can help yourself here. We happily recommend the seven-fold distilled product as a shot or cocktail. This is a Vodka for special occasions. The only downside: With prices of around 30 Euros, this Vodka is really only for true connoisseurs.

Note: The German Chapelle Rouge GmbH was so kind as to provide the tested bottle for us. Chapelle Rouge can also be ordered directly from the website.

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