Captain’s Spirit Vodka – Sweet Man

Captain’s Spirit Vodka – Sweet Man

This thing with Vodka in skull bottles seems to be the latest money-spinner. If you don’t want to spend more than around 40 Euros for it, though, you can browse stores in upper Franconia. There’s supposed to be a ‘Captain’ there who, which is very atypical for pirates indeed, is not into Rum but Vodka.


(No) Graduate

The Destillerie Dr. Gerald Rauch has its home in Marktredwitz. Thus, this Vodka is among the motley squad of Bavarian distillates which we have already tested here. While the other representatives are mostly categorized within the premium range, Captain’s Spirit is very down-to-earth. The skull bottle is kinda fun. But other than that, everything is kept simple and easy-going, which is also reflected in the price of around 10 Euros for a liter bottle.

Sweet and Digestible

One thing we noticed immediately when testing the content was that it’s almost too sweet for Vodka. The focus when making this product was very clearly on creating a very drinkable beverage. This is nice at first, but too simple for real Vodka connoisseurs. It was not possible to find out whether this Vodka is made from potatoes or wheat. The sweetness in taste would suggest potatoes. All in all, this Vodka can be recommended for parties and evening gatherings that you like to remember time and time again.