Bull Vodka – Farm Bull

Bull Vodka – Farm Bull

A bull in the world of drinks does not always have to be from Austria. Bull Vodka is distributed by the Lateltin AG from Winterthur in Switzerland. It’s available in countless versions and flavors. In this test, however, we will be dealing with the classic “White Bull“.


No-Frills Appearance

There is no point in beating around the bush. This one is all about the value for money ratio, which the exterior conveys pretty clearly. You’re looking for Vodka? Here’s one. Decent grains and packaged very pragmatically just like the practically oriented Swiss like it. Where can you go wrong with that, especially if the price is right too?

40,5 % is More and Less at the Same Time

And then it’s even got an extra half per cent of alcohol! But it really shows with this Vodka that each little bit of extra alcohol that goes above the usual 40% with Vodka needs to be tolerated by the consumer first. White Bull is a very strong Vodka, but at the same time it can’t relate to the sophistication of other killer Vodkas with more than 40% alcohol. Don’t get us wrong: You can buy White Bull with no regrets and pragmatically it’s got several pros. But you need to be able to withstand the steam of the Bull as far as flavor is concerned and not expect too much sophistication with it. And that’s why we only recommend this Vodka for true Bull tamers!