Boyd & Blair – The Paper Tiger

Boyd & Blair – The Paper Tiger

It is no secret: The Americans like their Vodka with a ton of character. And the trend towards regional products and nativeness has long found its disciples not only in Europe, but beyond the Atlantic as well. Pure and high-grade groceries and luxury foods are in demand. And it’s this very trend that Boyd & Blair Potato seems to be focused on.


On Paper

And so, Boyd & Blair is being produced by Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries, LLC from non-GMO potatoes (in countries like Austria, that would be a given – but ok, it’s the thought that counts). This choice of raw material is also supposed to ensure the Vodka’s original flavor. Many North American Vodkas, as we all know, are made from corn. On top of that, they’re made in small batches with a focus on quality. On paper and in the bottle, there’s no doubt that Boyd & Blair looks great.

On the Palate

Unfortunately though, this impression cannot be directly reflected on the content. This Vodka does have the typical slight sweetness of a potato Vodka that we know and appreciate among other representatives. But the simultaneous emphasis on the Vodka’s character makes this product of otherwise very appealing quality very individual indeed. Certainly, if this is just what you’re looking for and what you like, you’ll be on cloud 9. But that’s probably not very many people. At the end of the day, Boyd & Blair is a very good Vodka that slightly exaggerates on paper. The product’s price tag of 40 dollars is also a little steep. If you like high quality potato Vodka, you have many other options to spend your money. However, this is absolutely worth a shot for advanced Vodka connoisseurs.