Belvedere Vodka – Vodka de Luxe

Belvedere Vodka – Vodka de Luxe

Vodka can be a big show. Many don’t believe that – but when the luxury enterprise LVMH acquired the Polish brand Belvedere 2005, the area of luxury Vodkas was established and continues to live happily until today. Even James Bond, aka 007, supposedly swears by the Polish top notch Vodka that is meanwhile available in all sorts of forms and flavors.


Lots of Tradition, but also Lots of Marketing

No question – Belvedere’s appearance is enormously stylish. There are very few brands indeed that immediately appear so prestigious and impressive. That’s certainly the advantage you get from being backed by a big enterprise that also distributes one of the world’s most well known brands of Champagne. And there’s no grounds for criticism in that respect, except for maybe the Vodka lacking just a bit of originality and character.

Very Good Quality

The content of the bottle is also very good. We’re looking at a high quality Polish rye Vodka that, while it has a substantial amount of character, is still very suitable for mixing. Granted, luxury comes at a price, but if you can get a bottle for 40 Euros or less at the store, you may grab it with no second thoughts. If you want to be sure in the departments of luxury and flavor you can’t go wrong with Belvedere. If you’re looking for a little more individuality, however, you’ll need to keep looking.