Beluga – The Finest Little Spirit

Beluga – The Finest Little Spirit

The world of luxury is a world of its own. Accordingly, there are countless luxury brands of Vodka from different countries. One of the most well known and established brands nowadays is Beluga Vodka. It’s widely appreciated as a Vodka for very special occasions. We have tested the version in the fancy little suitcase, directly imported from Saint Petersburg. Beluga2

A Modern Classic

Initially, the fact that Beluga has only been produced since 2002 seems surprising. This good spirit comes from the Mariinsky distillery in Mariinsk in Siberia, where spirits and liqueurs have been in production since the year 1900. Siberian, artesian spring water (which we know well from a different context) and malt ethyl alcohol are used for its making, which ‘smoothes’ the flavor according the producer’s homepage.

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Fine Little Spirit

And indeed: Only few Vodkas are as neutral and harmonic in flavor as Beluga. At the same time though, it’s not simple or boring at all. This is indeed a Vodka for very special occasions that always fills us with joy and can be enjoyed with much pleasure as a shot or in a cocktail all the same. Beluga is among the few Vodkas that have a luxurious appeal to them without overdoing it. It’s like everything is just right here; only the price is a little steep. But if you’re not willing to pay for this one, you probably simply don’t deserve Beluga and should turn towards simpler pleasures…Beluga3