Belenkaya Lux – Undercover Russian

Belenkaya Lux – Undercover Russian

There is a seemingly infinite amount of Vodka in Russia. And on top of that, there are countless brands that claim to have some sort of luxury features. In most cases this is only marketing and inflated blah. But sometimes you’re in for a treat as well, like with today’s test candidate.


Humble and Discreet

Hardly anybody around here knows the brand Belenkaya. The spirit that is produced in Moscow is typically distributed in three editions: Standard, Silver, or Lux, and Gold. All versions are nifty and not packaged over the top in any way. On another note, artesian water is used for production, which is something we always like to hear.

Very Nice Taste

From our point of view, Belenkaya is something like a “hidden champion”. This brand is yet another proof for the idea that you should always be curious and looking for new things when it comes to Vodka. This wheat Vodka is unexpectedly harmonic and velvety in flavor. If you like a ton of character, it’s probably not for you – but if you want a very good Vodka for a cocktail or a shot, you’re in for a real treat. You can acquire the 0.75 liter bottle for around 15 Euros in the store, which does not make us like this product any less at all. And so what started as a one-time discovery could well become a long-term friendship.