Adirondack Wodka – Sweet Character

Adirondack Wodka – Sweet Character

The state of New York in the Eastern United States is full of surprises. One of those are the Adirondack Mountains. This unusual mountain range is the name giver of the Adirondack Distillery, where a Vodka is made that comes highly recommended. We’ll take a closer look.


Corn as a Base

If the USA were a traditional Vodka country, there’d be another typical grain besides rye and wheat that Vodka would be made from: corn. Adirondack, like so many other Vodkas from America, is distilled from a variety of good old corn and is thus gluten free. In many a respect, its way of being made and its other characteristics (exterior, price, taste) reminds us of a slightly more subtle and refined version of Crystal Head Vodka. That can’t be a bad thing.

Excellent Result

As far as flavor is concerned, there are very few (meaning: practically none) Vodkas that bridge the gap between distinct character and smoothness as convincingly and formidably as Adirondack Vodka. Since Americans primarily prefer their Vodka to be a little edgy, that is necessary in order to establish a brand on the market long term. But that does not mean that smoothness and balance have to be sacrificed. Adirondack is a flavor and quality experience, be it as a shot or in a cocktail, that can be warmly recommended. The only thing that hurts in Europe is the limited availability and the price that’s rather heavy at 40 dollars. We’re giving it 5 stars anyway!