1405 Vodka – Special Task Force from Saarland

1405 Vodka – Special Task Force from Saarland

Vodka is often bulk stock: It’s designed to appeal to everyone’s taste buds, it should be uncomplicatednot too expensive and should simply do its job. But often does not mean always – sometimes, you can find something really special like 1405 Vodka, which there are only exactly 1405 bottles of and which goes its very own way.


From Saarland

1405 is made by Andreas Vallendar. His family has been producing high quality and award winning spirits since 1824. 1405 is a Vodka interpretation from the three-country corner between the Saar and the Mosel. The basic ingredient, which is very atypical for our realms, corn. The result is packaged nicely in a high quality bottle and the lid with its design and its functionality reminds us of a seal. Provided there is still one left for sale, you can acquire a bottle of 1405 either from WineGrooves online or at the WineFactory in Saarbrücken.

Distinct, high quality

The product itself is very special. No question, this is a high quality Vodka which is very harmonic in flavor. The sweetness that’s so typical for corn does not stand out, but there is still a ton of character. This Vodka is almost too good to be mixed in cocktails, and it should not be enjoyed on your own all the same. It’s just too rare and also a little too expensive for that.