Very Berry Blueberry Martini with Ice Crystals Foto: Clemens v. Vogelsang

Very Berry Blueberry Martini with Ice Crystals

Fall is slowly approaching us and chases away the warm summer nights. But there is one more thing that begins in this Indian Summer: Berry season. We can now harvest blackberries and blueberries directly from our garden (or our neighbor’s garden). And we use the blueberries we didn’t eat right away to make yummy Martinis. Because what better preparation for winter than a summery berry cocktail in a glass with ice crystals?

Ingredients for a Blueberry Martini

  • 150 ml unsweetened blueberry juice
  • 60 ml Vodka
  • Honey for sweetening
  • Ice cubes
  • Fresh blueberries for garnishing
  • coarse ground sugar for the ice crystals

Preparing a Blueberry Martini

Preparing the Ice Crystals on the rim of the glass

The decorative ice crystals on the rim of the glass are easy to make but they’re a great effect. To make them, spread the coarse ground sugar on a plate, wet the Martini glass with Vodka, and then dip it in the sugar face down. That way, part of the sugar will stick to the glass and create the ‘ice’ effect.

Mixing the Blueberry Martini

To mix this Indian Summer cocktail, pour the Vodka and the blueberry juice – which you can sweeten with honey if need be – in a cocktail shaker and add ice. Now shake vigorously and pour into the prepared glass without the ice.

Garnishing the Blueberry Martini

But now we didn’t use any fresh blueberries at all! Correct, because those are for garnishing. For this, we put part of them on a decorative cocktail pick that is then put onto the rim of the glass. Next, we can have another couple of berries float on the surface of the cocktail – all done! Now we can wait for summer’s end with pleasure.

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