Vodka for the Holidays 2015

Vodka for the Holidays 2015

It’s that time of the year again! The holidays are approaching and we can pig out with no inhibitions. And of course, outstanding Vodka enjoyment is part of that. But if you want to go all out once or twice a year, then do it the right way, with the right Vodka for a successful party. Here are 5 Vodkas you can’t go wrong with.

Belvedere – Spectre Edition

James Bond was great this year with his performance “Spectre”. For agents and Bong-girls that are on duty for Christmas and New Years, we recommend Belvedere’s Special Edition for the movie launch. The bottle contains the well known solid Belvedere Vodka and on the label we can see all kinds of hints to the latest heroic deeds of 007.



As a legend among the mild Vodkas, Kauffmann Vodka should be just the right one for the higher demands of the holidays. Exceptionally mild and velvety in taste, as well as with its high grade design, the wheat Vodka from Russia that’s been in production since the year 2000 is a wonderful Vodka especially for Christmas and New Years Eve. Looks good under the tree, too!


Freimut Vodka

If you prefer a little more character and individuality, you should give this newcomer a shot. Freimut Wodka from Wiesbaden has made quite a splash this year, and there’s nothing wrong with celebrating the successful year that it’s been for this high class Vodka made from Northern German Champagne rye once again at the end!



If you need to go all out, we recommend Mammont Vodka. The Siberian ‘fluffy thing’ follows its ‘larger than life’-approach consequently and raises no doubts about being a high quality wheat Vodka – be it regarding appearance or taste.


Kabumm Vodka

If you really want to raise the roof one more time before the old year is over, you should take a look at Kabumm. This Vodka developed by Sido and Josef Farthofer makes no compromises: nor with its outer appearance nor its inner values. A story you should have experienced. Certainly, 80 Euros is a pretty strong statement. But if you don’t spoil yourself, who will?


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016!