Test: Putinoff Premium Vodka 40% vol. from Lidl Foto: an Vodka Putinoff Bottle

Test: Putinoff Premium Vodka 40% vol. from Lidl

A Lidl Premium Vodka, which is very easy to drink.

The Putinoff Premium vodka is one of some more expensive vodka brands, which you can buy in Lidl supermarket. Anyhow 0,5 liter costs in Lidl 4,99
and it is more expensive than Aldi-Nord vodka which I have introduced last week. Does one get more vodka for more money?

Alcohol content of Putinoff is 40%. This is quite properly as for a cheap vodka. So you need less vodka to achieve effect, furthermore it is distilled 5 times, what makes its quality higher and explains a bit higher price.

Foto: Vodka Putinoff Label

Foto: Vodka Putinoff Label

Also the vodka bottle is very stylish and different from those that you usually can see in Lidl&Co shelves. No one knows if the Label in a shape of a coffin is a subtle kind of black humor. Maybe the Label should illustrate not a coffin but a diamond, who knows?

Foto: Das Vodka Putinoff Sarg-Label

Foto: Das Vodka Putinoff Sarg-Label

The number 5 on the label is an indicator of quality and illustrates the 5 time distillation.
Also the name of Vodka Putinoff has an amusing effect on me. “Putinoff”, so Putin off.

I don’t believe that Russian president Wladimir Putin would disappear with this vodka. In his great country there is enough Premium vodka.

smelling test

smelling test

Best it smells when you uncap a new bottle. After some time its flavor flies away or rather my nose gets used to it.

Foto: Vodka Putinoff Backside

Foto: Vodka Putinoff Backside

First question, I asked to myself, why vodka is made from grain. I thought it was made from potatoes, sure it was my mistake. Adding of pure oxygen during the storage refined the taste of Putinoff vodka. The manufacturer Eckerts recommends to drink it with ice or lemon juice.

On the back label there is a recommendation not to drink Putinoff Vodka during pregnancy.
Actually this recommendation should be self-evident, but when I look at some
people on the street, I think it is advisable to print there that information.

My conclusion

Foto: Der Vodka Putinoff screwcap

Foto: Der Vodka Putinoff screwcap

The Putinoff Vodka is very easy to drink and has no bad aftertaste. You can drink
it without any mix. Word of Honor! If you want more pictures from Putinoff
vodka, look on Istagram.

Some facts about Vodka Putinoff


Vodka Putinoff


Eckerts Wacholder Brennerei GmbH
Trierer Str. 59
66636 Tholey
4,99 €


Lidl Supermarket


  1. Avatar
    mac Dezember 01, 2014

    Hi problem with your caps, Cap turns with the sleeve so had to cut sleeve, then cap does not screw tight 3rd bottle its happened on . Vodka good thou.

  2. Avatar
    philippe bercet Dezember 21, 2014

    you wrote this : “The Putinoff Premium vodka is one of some more expensive vodka” .
    You confuse “less” and “more” .

  3. Avatar
    Anargyros Poulis Januar 14, 2016

    Hi, I would like to buy Putinoff but I like drinks to be sweet or semi-sweet in taste, and of course not bitter, so my question is what taste putinoff has, to see if I will buy it.

    • Avatar
      Anargyros Poulis Januar 18, 2016

      sorry I mean what flavour not taste

  4. Avatar
    Paddy Andropov Februar 12, 2016

    Is there a Stalin voda?

    • Avatar
      admin Februar 25, 2016

      Hi Paddy Andropov.
      there are two vodkas of stalin we found.
      stalinskaya and stalin vodka. we will find out more of these and write a article.

      The vodka of russian presidents is a german idea. In no other country you will find that like germany.

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