Recipe: Harvey Wallbanger and Long Island Ice Tea

Recipe: Harvey Wallbanger and Long Island Ice Tea

This weekend we were in Amsterdam, the party city of Europe. There one can smoke pot and fuck at every corner, but it is hard to find a proper vodka cocktail. In Rembrandt Square in Bruin café `t Centrum we found finally a cocktail bar,
where they could serve us two tasty vodka cocktails My partner in crime Marcus ordered a Harvey Wallbanger.

According to the legend a frustrated surfer Harvey, who was barred from surf competition, got so much drunk of this cocktail, that he was permanently banging his head against the wall. The name of this cocktail was born. Before this story the cocktail was called “Italian crewdriver” .When you are frustrated too, the cocktail is exactly for you.

Recipe of Harvey Wallbanger

  • One part Galliano (1 cl)
  • Four parts vodka (4 cl)
  • Twelve parts orange juice (12 cl)

I ordered one of my favorite cocktails Long Island Ice Tea. This cocktail contains much spirit but i can not taste the alcohol. This makes it one
of the treacherous drinks I know. First you drink many cocktails and after you stand up and wonder why everything around is heavy and wobbly. There is a lot of legends about the origin of this cocktail. The assured one is that barkeeper Robert C. Butt invented the drink in the end of 70s. He was working in Oak Beach Inn in Long Island

Video about Long Island Ice Tea

I found for you a video about the bar on YouTube. This video makes want more

Recipe of Long Island Ice Tea

  • One part rum (2 cl)
  • One part vodka (2 cl)
  • One part gin (2 cl)
  • One part tequilla (2 cl)
  • One part of triple sec curaçao (2 cl)
  • One part lemon or lime juice (2 cl)
  • One part sugar syrup (2 cl)
  • Three parts Coca-Cola (6cl)
  • Ice cubes

We both liked this drinks and got a great impression from our Amsterdam journey.
Each cocktail cost 8,50 €. This price is fair, when I think what I have gotten for it.

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