My 5 Favorite Vodkas – Summer 2015

My 5 Favorite Vodkas – Summer 2015

When I tell somebody that I like to test Vodka, they often ask me what’s so fascinating about that. Unlike with wine or even Champagne, there is much more room for interpretation when it comes to Vodka. And instead of looking for the one right and successful interpretation, you’re allowed to do so much with the basic ingredients and their refinement that at the end of the day, you wonder what it actually is that makes Vodka Vodka. So after I’ve conveyed this to my critical counterpart and have also mostly sparked a certain degree of interest, there’s still always the one crucial question: Which is your favorite Vodka?

Best Vodka from the Luxury Segment

Especially the French producers, and probably first and foremost Grey Goose, have conventionalized Vodka to be a luxury product. You can like that, but you don’t have to. You can get a bottle of Vodka for less than over 40 Euros per bottle. But of course this approach allows the creation of something really special. For that reason, as a Vodka lover you should treat yourself to something really special every now and then for special occasions. My personal favorite in that segment is Beluga. This Siberian brand is younger than you’d think ans makes an extraordinary harmonic and round Vodka that I can only recommend warmly to everybody.


Best Harmonic Vodka

The question you have to ask yourself time and time again as a Vodka lover is whether you prefer a Vodka with character or one with a very harmonic flavor profile. To some extent, that also depends on your cultural background. I, personally, tend to be an aficionado of harmonic flavors and would suggest Imperial Gold in that category. A ghigh quality product with a touch of luxury but without the high price tag.


Best Vodka With Character

On the contrary, there is the question which Vodka stands out with a very distinct flavor. I would like to bring the Polish Konik’s Tail into play at this point that is known only to few testers. Its particular composition of different kinds of grains and its high quality manufacture are worth a try. You should definitely try this one if you get the chance!


Best German Vodka

There’s a surprising amount of Vodka that is made in Germany, and good Vodka at that. I doubt that I have tried the best one yet. But there has been several either way, and my favorite remains Lion’s Vodka from Bavaria, which is certified organic to boot. If you’re looking for a nice present for a Vodka lover – you just found it.


Best Value for Money Vodka

Good Vodka doe snot have to be expensive. There is always surprisingly high quality at an affordable price every now and then. Some producers even seem to have specialized in it. If the Vodka is from the Ukraine, Belarus, or Russia, chances are you’re getting something really good for a relatively small amount of money. It’s still important, however, not to be too stingy. To be expecting an amazing experience for a mere 5 Euros is simply audacious. My favorite in this category is a relatively modern and young Vodka called XXIvek. Unfortunately, it’s pretty rare, but if you get the opportunity, you should definitely close the deal on this one.


Encore: Best Exotic Vodka

Only 5  Vodkas? No – there are just too many good products. That’s why as an encore, here’s the best exotic Vodka. It’s a Vodka made from Quinoa and sold under the name Fair Vodka. This is a completely different approach to make Vodka, but it works surprisingly well.



So that’s what my personal favorites look like in the summer of 2015. I am sure, however, that a lot can still change here. The important thing is to always stay curious and keep looking. Having said that – Cheers!