Khanskaya – Russian Premium

Khanskaya – Russian Premium

Today’s test candidate was acquired somewhere in the Caucasus. And after its long and rough journey to Germany we were just not able to keep ourselves from saying a few words about this ‘premium’ Vodka in the blog: Here’s Khanskaya Wodka.


An Oriental Touch

Usually we see this Vodka from the well known Tatspirtprom distillery wrapped up in a gift box. The bottle’s design has an oriental touch to it, which is a special feature for Vodka; and yet it did not cause the testers’ features to derail. At the end of the day we can’t help but suspect that this another representative of mere Russian distillery art that there are so many of.

Russian Premium

And tasting the content you realize immediately: Very clear wheat Vodka with lots of smoothness and not a lot of character. To some extent, of course, that is expected from such a product. Khankskaya can thus be recommended for pure consumption or use in a cocktail. Everything is perfectly alright with its flavor and quality. Or we can be a little more critical and say everything is perfectly known, too well known. Because in no way can this Vodka convince us, let alone amaze us. It’s a very nice present for somebody who really enjoys Vodka – even though we have some more exciting alternatives in that department. And you wouldn’t even have to travel to the Caucasus for those …