Jabba’s Pleasure Cocktail Han Solo Icecube

Jabba’s Pleasure Cocktail

Jabba’s Pleasure is actally the name of a desert skiff, which you could see in Star Wars episode VI. Han Solo and Luke Skywalker should be sacrificed to the desert monster sarlacc. On their way escorted by the gangster Boss Jabba and his cortege. He was sitting fat and cosy in his skiff drinking high percentage cocktails. In referring to this I created the cocktail Jabbas pleasure.


  • 2 cl vodka
  • 150 ml waldberries icetea
  • 1 Han Solo ice cube

The Han Solo ice cube form you can buy on thinkgeek.com for 9,99 $ . The picture always looks great but if you try to do it like I did, the result would be only half so


Jabba’s Pleasure Cocktail


The preparation of this cocktail does not take even 5 Minutes. Just take a thick cocktail glass, pour vodka into it, add Hans Solo on ice and the wald berries ice tea. I used that of Pfanner. Finally add a cool drinking straw and the cocktail is ready.

Unfortunately the ice cube with Han Solo was not good. But cocktail tasted well, such a drink should be served in each Star Wars convention.

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