A Trap for Fruit Flies – Vodka as a Secret Ingredient

A Trap for Fruit Flies – Vodka as a Secret Ingredient

There’s really a lot that can be done with Vodka. Not only can it lift up the human spirit and enables people to social masterstrokes in the interpersonal department. An extensive study conducted by us also shows that it’s capable of solving an annoying everyday problem.

Fruits and Vegetables

If you like to store fruit in your kitchen especially during the warmer season, you sure know the problem: After only a short amount of time, there are fruit flies nesting in your domicile and they seem to come out of nowhere. AThere are enough instructions on how to fight them. Basically though, it always ends up being the same ingredients:

  • Put up a saucer (yellow and transparent, if possible)
  • Add vinegar and
  • Alcohol in equal parts
  • 1 drop dish washing soap (in order to even out the surface energy)
  • Water

Secret Ingredient

It really does not matter what kind of alcohol you use. But the fruit fly trap works particularly well with Vodka (no joke!). But please don’t go ahead and use the 40 Euro Siberian noble Vodka…