Finish vodka – a special drop Foto: Finnischer Wodka von Finlandia | (CC BY 2.0) von Flichr-User Tom Newby Photography

Finish vodka – a special drop

Very far in North is Finland. The Scandinavian country in the Arctic Circle it has not only the common border with Russia. Both countries have a long vodka tradition, and frequently present innovative improvement in manufacture.

In principle the manufacture of pure finish vodka owes to the rigid alcohol politic of Finland. Many illegal distilleries were opened because of high alcohol tax. Some of them were making very good drops and started to produce and distribute best vodkas.

Special features of finish vodka

The vodka from high north is made mostly from best winter wheat. For this they use carefully tempered distillation methods, which can last sometimes more than weeks and months. Traditional multi filtration clears the noble drops from all unwelcome ingredients and provides the velvety soft taste. Outstanding is the refinement with natural filtrated water from underground lakes, also water from glacials or from very clear streams.

Examples of good finish vodkas

The most famous vodka is Finlandia, which belongs to house Bacardi. The home of this brand is Koskenkorva, place in 50 km from Helsinki.
Basic material is six rowed barley and purest spring water from spring of Rajamäki Filtration is made with water from ice age moraines, which are more than 10000 years old.

An expensive method with over 200 distillation steps is used to make a very good vodka.
Koskenkorva Vodka is from the same house, it has a special aroma because of adding of winter wheat.

Tapio, Ciroc or Gireau come also from the high north and bring to us in Germany different flavors. An exception is the rum colored Original Jellona Terwawiina, which has a strong smoky taste and is very popular in winter. Only from this noble drop you can prepare such a good grog and all this without rum.

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