2015 as a Vodka Year – The Future of Vodka?

2015 as a Vodka Year – The Future of Vodka?

Vodka is one of the most popular spirits in the world – probably even the single most popular one. But yet, Vodka still hasn’t managed to achieve an equal status as Gin or Whiskey, which is probably due to the fact that all Vodka is not the same. There is enormous versatility and the differences in quality and price are also huge. Here’s some thoughts on the Vodka year 2015.

The Trend Towards ‘Craft Vodka’

As much as we love Vodka, we are just as much aware of the fact that it’s not exactly the chicest of spirits. That, though, we don’t understand – and we’re not the only ones. If we take a closer look at the scene, we discover that Vodka has amazing potential, which probably has something to do with the relatively loose regulations of the spirit. What’s valid for “Craft Beer” and the like can be experienced more and more in the Vodka business. More and more producers try to stand out from the crowd. They pick their ingredients carefully, use high quality and scarce raw materials, only the purest water, and they make the alcohol themselves. And that’s got nothing to do with marketing machinery and glamour, but comes at a price, too. So her’s our advice: Especially in Germany, Austria, and Swityerland it’s worth your time to gather some information on local products and to take a look behind the label. There are a few Vodkas that are better than you would guess and don’t cost a fortune at that.1405_2

Show Individuality

It’s important not to trust the big brands blindly. Oftentimes, we are prone to fall for marketing and pompous appearance because it is relatively easy to make simple Vodka that has nothing to do with the sophistication of Craft Vodka. The most important message, however, is to give this versatility a shot and try everything. It does not matter where in the world you buy Vodka – if you don’t know the brand and have never tried the beverage, you never know exactly what’s in the bottle. It’s worth it – especially if you don’t drink Vodka that often – to go to specialty stores and let them make some recommendations. We always look up a good spot and then buy two Vodkas there: one that is appealing to us and a second one that results from our question to the salesperson, which Vodka he or she likes best. That strategy has never disappointed us. You never know exactly what you’ll get – and that’s the beauty of it.