Bartender – A Job Only for Party Animals? Foto: Georgie Pauwels (Georgie Pauwels)

Bartender – A Job Only for Party Animals?

They stand there behind the bar and seem so laid back – they way they whirl around their bottles and always have some joke up their sleeve. But the bartender is much more than just an entertainer with a permission to serve alcohol. Extensive knowledge and a good feel for people are very important factors in this job.

Professional Training or Oblique Approach?

There is no officially recognized professional training for bartenders in Germany. Thus, this job can also be performed by trained (part time) workers. It is, however, the norm especially in the upscale bar segment for trained restaurant professionals to add a year of further education in bar training.

Whether it’s with that background or via an oblique approach – the Chamber of Industry and Commerce offers an option to be tested as a certified bartender IHK. The prerequisite is four years of professional experience. If this is provided, the applicant will have to pass a written theory exam as well as a respective written, verbal, and practical exam in the field. In order to prepare yourself for this as best as possible, it would be advisable to take one of the according courses at a bar academy.

What Skills do Bartenders Need?

Do people nowadays still drink Pina Coladas, or is Tequila Sunrise the latest hit? A bartender has to know both sides of the story – the classics as well as the newest trends. So they have to remember countless recipes. They also have to know the flavor quality of the drinks in order to recommend the right things to undecided guests.

For that reason, a bartender should have a good sense of empathy. Oftentimes, they are also their guest’s therapist and listener – possibly even the person who solves a conflict. On top of that, they also need a strong constitution, since the shifts of up to 10 hours, and often at night, will take their toll on their bodies. The high level of stress, for instance for Happy Hour, can wear at the limits of their endurance. Thus, the hourly wage of around 9 Euros plus tips is not enough motivation for some..

Bartending Equipment

If you’d like to go ahead and start practicing at home to see whether or not the work of a bartender is your dream job, you only need a few pieces of equipment for that: a shaker, measuring cup, strainer, bar spoon, and of course cocktail glasses. First, you’ll need to measure the ingredients according to the recipe. The measuring cup for cocktails has two sides for this: one for 2cl and one for 4cl.

Next, all components are filled into the shaker (that has two or three pieces to it) and shaken thoroughly. When pouring into the glass, the strainer catches ingredients that are no longer needed, like ice cubes. By the way, you should have three kinds of glasses for a base cadre: martini glasses, highball glasses, and rocks glasses.

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